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Creativity by eventuality Alexander Seelherr

Creativity by means of eventuality

Thought ought to be creative by means of eventuality

I believe I am an artist. A believer in fact is not at all what I am supposed to be. How ever could I be an artist then? Though I’m blessed with faith I suffer a lack of discipline and standing. Rather I am hiding the conflict until I cannot avoid trouble any more. My Ego is somehow hiding itself as far as I know: I don’t know too much. I think, therefore I supposed to be a pioneer. Insecurity and Instability follows my entire work. Experience and change rather than tradition and modality is the urge in my art work as painter. ‘Got to feel the deepest abyss and the highest peaks, ‘got to travel the wide range of possibility and option: the water-flow-change-challenge.

Fantasy and creativity grow in the flowered meadow of endless possibilities. It is not the single flower initiating any meadow to be. It is the society to decide what you are going to be – just add personal presence. Fate is how well or bad you’re doing using your skill, destiny is what you expect to come. The event is a cut in continuity of timeline. Respectively it is as well a hole in a bucket. This spectacular cut or break or point-of-no-return however has got meaning just because of its casual singularity, it has got the power to polarize, to shape, to lift the certain veil, which is separating us from ourselves.

Each meadow and Biosphere chooses the kind of flower or plant suitable to the local environment to settle within. On the other hand wild animals move and choose the territory for the specific offer regarding to their actual needs. Artist’s work sometimes is produced according clients order and will satisfy an urge or need in the recess of market’s meadow. Other times a masterpiece has been developed independent by occasion and event waiting to be discovered and picked by the customer.  Bridging Gaps or fitting into niche, the magic of arts heals the participants.

The actor in art is able to feel the electric impulse or magnetic field of a single peace or an oeuvre, the passive spectator or sensitive user may be touched by the phenomena kind of similar. Does this skill mean anything more than suffering live in debts and doubts? Is ‘artist’ a word to describe the burden of a hungry and thirsty soul damned as the one of ‘Sysiphos’ who has never been reaching desired goal? Isn’t this kind of psych terror to adults not willing to become mature? Is art the on-going process to seek for height by facing crises and struggle? It seems to me as if I was a fool crawling in the mud and still can’t stop dreaming of blue sky. Ain’t there a word describing the loss of meaning without sense for nothing? Do artists tell any truth for human society? Art - is it good for some unknown reason? Isn’t it the yelling sound hurting due to abundance and getting crazy due to desire for independence and freedom? Living poor to enrich community.

Don’t U think 2 much - won’t U - just do it!

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